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Staiflirt Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an available stairlift which will suit users with difficulties in bending hips or knees?

Stairlifts are not only designed for a sitting position, a perch or standing stairlift is available out there to assist individuals who are troubled bending their knees. This can fit even on the narrow staircase. But to use it, you must practice good balance to keep safe. In case you are prone to dizziness, better not use it.

What if I am suffering from hand arthritis, what could be the possible way to lighten the burden of stairlift operation?

In order to operate the stairlift, one should press the control button within the trip. For those who suffer arthritis, it will surely be a painful task. To reduce the burden, you can use a toggle or stick. This requires lesser pressure from your wrist and fingers. You can also turn on an attendant control. This will need someone to assist in the stairlift operation.

The stair’s bottom part is located beside the doorway and stairlift blocks most of the area near the door, what should I do?

The solution for your problem is the hinged rail or the folding track. This will allow you to fold the lower rail section if it is not in use. This can be manually or automatically operated. Once folded, the area will be clear out of blockage.

I want to have a stairlift installed but doubt if space is enough, is there a required space needed?

Not really, the space needed usually varies from different manufacturers. Your staircase’s width will usually be assessed to find the right stairlift option that is suitable for the available space. If you are conscious with the safety and comfort, staircase minimum width will be about 750mm. To know if it’s practical to install a stairlift, place a chair at the stair’s bottom (make sure that the back touches the wall) and take a sit with your back touching the back of the chair. The comfort it brings can add to your basis of decision making.

I have staircase outside my home and I want to install a stairlift, is it possible?

Yes. Many manufacturers now offer stairlift packages specifically designed for outdoor installation. But you must still consider your location and the weather before deciding to install one.

What is the best stairlift, is it the one that is run by electricity or off batteries?

Well, this will depend on your preference and the availability of the power source. The one that is powered by electricity will need power supply, so in a case of a power shortage, you might not be able to use it. The battery-powered, on the other hand, needs recharging. Both seem great; choose something that will suit your need.

Does the user’s weight matters on choosing a stairlift?

Absolutely! The lift’s efficiency will often depend on the weight it carries. Each model usually has weight restrictions. If you already go beyond the limit, it will be best to turn on a heavy duty lift.